Foundation Administration

Private Foundation Services

YouthBridge Community Foundation can lighten the administrative burden for your private foundation. We are experts in grant administration, due diligence and foundation governance. We can even serve as your central point of contact and coordinate your asset management, legal counsel and tax services.

Our services are designed to support you at any stage of a private foundation life cycle – from start up to termination, and everything in between. Let us handle the administration so you can focus on the joy of giving.

Board Services

  • Facilitate board discussion on goals and objectives
  • Schedule and coordinate board meetings with members
  • Take meeting minutes and distribute to members
  • Create and prepare board packets
  • Coordinate legal and accounting services

Grant Services

  • Develop grant guidelines in conjunction with the board
  • Develop grant application, grant agreements, and report forms
  • Receive and identify qualified grant applications
  • Perform due diligence on applicants, including verification of IRS charity designation
  • Make personal site visits, if appropriate, to examine organizations
  • Engage your board in the review of potential grants
  • Prepare written summary and recommendations for board review and decision making
  • Create written grant agreements to ensure funds are used appropriately
  • Publicize the availability of grants within the nonprofit community
  • Distribute checks to grantees

Accountability Services

  • Monitor progress of grantees and ensure progress reports are received
  • Make additional site visits when appropriate
  • Prepare written reports back to the board on grantee progress
  • Provide annual report of grant making activities

Administrative Services

  • Maintain a database of all grant requests, grant awards, and statuses
  • Maintain a grant reporting schedule for each grantee
  • Notify grantees of their award status
  • Process and send grant award and denial letters
  • Respond directly to inquiries from grant seekers

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