Giving Nonprofits a “Jumpstart”

Are you involved with an emerging nonprofit that wants to be more self-sustainable with its fundraising? Mark your calendar for our January 31 seminar, “Securing New Dollars & Donors with Limited Time.”

There, we’ll introduce Jumpstart, a new initiative we’re bringing to the Saint Louis area in conjunction with Network for Good. Through Jumpstart, selected non-profits receive a full year of fundraising training, technology, and professional coaching to build leadership and fundraising programs.

All that works toward a very important goal: sustainable, long-term impact in our community. The kind of lasting change that we want to help facilitate.

Why are we focusing on small and emerging non-profits for this Jumpstart assistance? Their passion, perseverance, and creativity allows them to respond quickly to emerging community needs, particularly in low-income and at-risk communities. But many face significant financial hardship and an uncertain future. We know that giving them tools to increase their program sustainability is the best form of support they can receive.

We also know that helping small nonprofits improve their fundraising abilities can produce as much as 10 times new revenue for that program over time. And that means they can provide more continuous community services, expand during times of unexpected needs, and provide exciting new opportunities for your philanthropy.

Interested in applying? Don’t miss the important first step, register online for our informational seminar on January 31. If you want to know more about creative ways to increase your impact in the community through sustainable growth, please contact us at (314) 985-6778.