Investment Solutions and Forms


The YouthBridge Community Foundation’s investment program offers the flexibility to customize how your charitable assets are invested to meet your personal goals.  There are two options available.

Option 1: Financial Advisor Program – Have Your Trusted Financial Advisor Manage Your Fund

With this option you can benefit from custom investment management by an advisor you already know and trust. If this option is right for you, simply put us in touch with your financial advisor and our team will take care of the rest.

There is no minimum account balance required however; participating financial advisors must adhere to the Community Foundation’s professional and industry standards in managing donor funds. Statements are reconciled monthly between the Community Foundation and financial advisors.

Read the Financial Advisor Program Guidelines

Option 2: Select Your Own Asset Allocation Using One or More of our Pooled Investment Funds

YouthBridge uses a nonprofit organization called Greater Horizons for back office administration and access to institutional quality, low cost pooled investment funds (and we pass those savings on to you!). Greater Horizons provides administrative services on more than two billion dollars in charitable assets for endowments and foundations across the United States.

The operating structure of these pooled funds is similar to common trust funds.  The pooled funds are organized according to asset class and include Money Market, Short-Term Fixed Income, Intermediate-Term Fixed Income and Equity. You may create your own custom asset allocation strategy or select one of the pre-set asset allocation options.

Download Monthly Performance Report

Download Detailed Quarterly Report

The custodian for the pooled investment funds is National Financial Services, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments.
YouthBridge Community Foundation is not a Registered Investment Advisor, does not provide investment advice and does not receive any compensation related to the investment of agency endowment assets.

Select or Change Your Investments

When using our pooled investment funds, you may change your investment options monthly. Investment change request forms received five business days prior to the end of the month will take effect on the first of the following month. To change your investments, download and complete the Investment Recommendation Form and return it to us by mail or fax.

Download Investment Recommendation Form