About Us

Our History


YouthBridge was founded in 1877 as the German General Protestant Orphan’s Association and was later known as the General Protestant Children’s Home.  In 2005, due to changes in the model of care for children, YouthBridge transitioned from its role as a direct-care provider to a community foundation, with a focus on children and youth causes.

Although we have a long history of championing children and youth causes, we provide philanthropy support to clients that have a variety of interests.

View a complete history of the German General Protestant Orphan’s Association / General Protestant Children’s Home




YouthBridge Community Foundation is dedicated to building strong communities by bridging the resources of donors with community needs. We provide a wide range of philanthropy services that include donor-advised funds, foundation administration, charitable giving cards, planned giving and grants.

Helping Families with Philanthropy

  • Family foundation administration & grant management
  • Low cost, flexible donor-advised funds
  • Strategic planning for charitable giving and social impact
  • Philanthropy & legacy planning as part of overall wealth management
  • Due diligence on social investments and nonprofit organizations

Partnering with Financial Advisors and Their Clients in Charitable Giving

  • Low cost, flexible donor-advised funds
  • Open architecture investment and grant platforms
  • Private foundation administration & grant management
  • Philanthropy and estate planning resource

Helping Businesses Do Well By Doing Good

  • Charitable giving strategies to strengthen your brand and improve employee engagement
  • Legacy planning as part of an exit strategy for family businesses
  • Foundation administration and grant management

Supporting Nonprofits with Grants & Technical Assistance

  • Endowment building and fund administration
  • Low cost, institutional quality investment solutions
  • Program specific and general operating grants
  • Social enterprise development