Seminars, Training & Technical Assistance

An important part of our service to the St. Louis community is to provide education and training to nonprofits, donors, and professional advisors.

We provide seminars and training to nonprofit executives and their boards on Planned Giving and Endowment Building, as we feel these are vital components for their future. We train financial advisors on Planned Giving and Philanthropy Planning, so they can discuss it wisely with their clients and deliver better client outcomes. And we partner with Washington University to provide workshops and technical assistance for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs on developing social enterprises.

Bookmark this page to see what new educational opportunities will be available to you in the near future.

Philanthropy is Good for Business

Philanthropy is a win-win for Advisors and their clients. Advisors who are knowledgeable about philanthropy have found that it serves as a relationship builder, which carries on for multiple generations. Over one-third of high net worth clients are more likely to choose an advisor who is knowledgeable about philanthropy. Contact YouthBridge to schedule this free seminar.

Will to Give Series

This series of seminars will help financial advisors, nonprofit executives and their development teams learn the fundamentals of Planned Giving and Basic Estate Planning. The Will to Give seminar series provides you with the tools you need to start having quality discussions with donors about leaving gifts to nonprofit organizations as part of their estate plan.

Will to Give: Basic Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer

This course is designed specifically for nonprofit development staff and financial advisors. You will gain a working knowledge of basic estate planning and wealth transfer techniques, and how to apply those to charitable gift planning. You’ll discover how planned giving is very beneficial to donors, nonprofits and financial advisors.

Will to Give: Planned Giving 101

This course is designed specifically for nonprofit development staff and executive directors. A Planned Giving program does not have to be complicated to be successful.  You will learn why planned giving is both important and beneficial to your organization and to your donors. This course will detail the steps needed to launch a successful Planned Giving program, and will help you determine if your organization is ready to implement a plan.

Nonprofit Board Training

The YouthBridge staff will meet with your nonprofit’s board to discuss a variety of topics including planned giving, endowments, and social enterprise. It’s very helpful, as you plan the direction and future of your organization, to have experts discuss some options and answer your questions. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Social Enterprise Workshops

Developing a social enterprise, or learning entrepreneurship principles, may help move your nonprofit organization to the next level of sustainability and deliver greater social impact. The George Warren Brown School at Washington University offers a series of non-credit workshops designed to encourage ideas and help social entrepreneurs develop their skills and advance their ideas. These workshops are open to social and commercial ventures, and are a joint venture of community funders along with the Social Enterprise and Innovation Community at Washington University. See schedule and register.