Ways to Give

YouthBridge offers donors many options for charitable giving, any of which will benefit your choice of charities, and provide tax advantages for you. We’ll be happy to help you determine the type of fund that best meet your goals.

Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-Advised Funds or Charitable Giving Accounts are a convenient way to support multiple charities with one fund. You receive immediate tax benefits with the flexibility to give over time. Donor-Advised Funds are often used to replace private foundations as a more flexible, efficient and less expensive way of giving.

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Designated Fund

Designated funds are invested and grants are made to specific charities of your choice . It’s an excellent way to ensure that your charities receive funding on a regular basis.

With an endowed designated fund, you can be confident that your gift will provide a lasting legacy to sustain your favorite nonprofit. Should that organization cease to exist, YouthBridge has variance power to ensure that the funds will be redirected to an organization meeting your charitable intent so that your generosity will continue to make an impact.

Field of Interest Fund

A Field of Interest Fund allows you to focus your gifts in an area of need that is important to you, such as children, animal welfare, or the environment. YouthBridge handles the requests from nonprofits, and grants funds based on the most pressing needs within your field of interest.

Nonprofit Agency Fund (Quasi Endowment)

Established by a nonprofit with their own agency funds from savings, donations or bequests. An endowment fund helps generate income for operations, programs, unexpected expenses and longer-term initiatives.

Planned Giving – Estate Gifts

Learn how you can include philanthropy in your estate plan. There are many options available that can be set up with virtually any asset.

YouthBridge will be happy to work with you and your financial advisors to develop a gift strategy that takes care of your needs today and your favorite charity’s needs tomorrow.

Types of Assets You Can Give

YouthBridge makes giving very flexible because you are not limited to cash donations. You may also give marketable securities like stocks, bonds or mutual funds and other assets, such as real estate or even a minority interest in your business. We can help you determine what assets make the most sense for your situation and goals.

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