Next Step for Life

Provides an array of services that assist individuals with disabilities to live fulfilled lives.
Established in 1980, NextStep for Life® has provided support services for individuals with disabilities for more than 30 years. The organization develops ability by providing supports that enable people with disabilities to pursue a life of quality and dignity.

Offering an array of services, NextStep for Life® serves close to 900 people every year through their various programs, which include:

  • Employment services, assist adults with disabilities in obtaining meaningful employment
  • Residential services, offer opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn independent living skills in a caring, home-like environment
  • Community support services, provide individuals with supports to contribute and play valued roles in their community
  • Leisure services, arrange fun, meaningful activities, enhancing the lives of people through leisure; and
  • Family supports, offers family caregivers a variety of services.