Guiding Your Giving

YouthBridge Vice President Barbara Carswell takes a partnership approach with donors and private foundations, helping them make meaningful grants that match their values. She recently worked with the advisors to the William S. Anheuser Charitable Fund to award two grants from that donor-advised fund (DAF) in support of students at St. Louis Community College.
Carswell explains, “Because we strive to partner with our clients, and we knew that a mentoring program proposed by College Bound was within the Anheuser funding area, we brought the application to their attention. Once we realized that many students at the Community College are regularly hungry, we thought that an additional grant to the college’s Student Food Assistance Program would be an ideal supplement.”

With a DAF, supporting causes is as easy as give, grow, grant. Simply make a tax-deductible charitable gift to your account and grow those assets through investments. When you are ready to make a grant to a charity, you can recommend a gift through our online portal. At the end of the year, all of your activity is reflected in one report.

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