Innovative Solutions for Impactful Giving

 We help individual and family donors support the issues and nonprofits they love.

Whether you are just starting out, or ready to take your charitable giving to the next level, we can help design giving strategies that maximize impact, minimize tax burdens and streamline the process.

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Flexible charitable funds

Every individual or family donor comes with unique interests, assets and circumstances. We provide a number of charitable fund options that are most suitable for your intentions to help you create a lasting impact in the community.

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Strategic planning for charitable giving and social impact

We listen first to get to know you and what positive changes you want to make in the community. From that, we define the mission and strategic direction for your philanthropic efforts that help you maximize your social impact.

Family foundation administration and grant management

We make managing your family and private foundation more enjoyable and efficient. We help you save time, provide you with community expertise and make the process leaner.

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Philanthropy and legacy planning as part of overall wealth management

For many, leaving a legacy and passing on values is an important part of financial planning. We partner with your trusted financial advisor to integrate philanthropy and legacy planning into your overall wealth management strategy.

Make a Lasting Impact in Your Community!

We will help you develop a giving strategy designed to do the most good for the causes you wish to support, while providing you with tax advantages and other important benefits.

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