Your clients trust you for expertise on how to make the most of their hard-earned dollars and manage their wealth.  For those clients who are charitably inclined, YouthBridge Community Foundation provides the best option for making their charitable dollars work smarter.

We are recognized for our ability to handle challenging charitable transactions and for our in-depth knowledge of charitable giving. You and your client will have access to a staff of professionals who make sure charitable goals and financial goals are fully integrated to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Philanthropy Planning is Win-Win!

A U.S. Trust study revealed high net worth clients expect to discuss charitable giving with their financial advisor but less than half of them were fully satisfied with those conversations.  In the same study, financial advisors reported that philanthropy planning serves as a relationship builder, positions them as a holistic wealth advisor with broad expertise and often leads to multi-generational relationships.

By working with YouthBridge Community Foundation and participating in our Financial Advisors Program you can deliver better client outcomes, retain investment of client assets and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Characteristics of Clients Who Might Benefit from Philanthropy Planning

  • Plan to sell a private company
  • Have high capital gains tax exposure
  • Be in a “transition” phase of life—empty nest, retirement, involved in estate planning
  • Want a charitable tax deduction now with the flexibility to make distributions in the future
  • Want to grow their contributions tax-free over time
  • Have a desire to give something back to their community
  • Want to leave a legacy for future generations

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