Hi, I’m Maddy To, a student at Wash U.

Hi, I’m Maddy To, a student at Wash U. I started STL YEP because I am passionate about youth having the opportunity to voice their opinions and make tangible changes that benefit their community.

I got to experience a similar program while in high school, and I’m thankful I was given the opportunity. I learned so much from it. Philanthropy is a wonderful thing I think most of us don’t get to experience as teenagers. I hope you join the program so you get the same opportunity!

Maddy To
Founder YEP STL and student at Washington University 

How it Works

YEP STL members work together as a team to give grant money to youth charities. We work with mentors who show us how the process works. We develop a grant application and charities apply for grant money. Then we review their applications, and decide which charities we think should get funds, and how much.

Who Supplies the Grant Funds?

You’re not giving your own money away (but you are always welcome to donate if you wish!) YouthBridge Community Foundation is the sponsor and one of our mentors. They provide the funds, along with other donors.

The point of the program is for you to see what needs there are in our community, what charities are doing to address those needs, and make decisions about how grant money should be given, so that it does the most good.

Charities We Support

YEP STL is for youth by youth – so all of our grants will be to charities that help youth. Here are some examples:

  • Educational organizations
  • Youth summer camps
  • Boys and girls clubs
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Athletic organizations
  • Reading programs
  • Art programs

Your Time Commitment

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll meet once a month with the whole team and our mentors. We’ll review the grant applications, and discuss to decide how to distribute the grant money, and present it to the charities. We’ll also do some community service projects, which are always fun!

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YEP STL is open to high school students in the St. Louis area. Just fill out an application online. The YEP STL team will have 20 – 25 members from many different local high schools. This is a great way to meet other caring students from all over the area, build new friendships, and make a real difference.

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