Investing for Community Impact

To fully align financial assets with our mission, YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis invests in the community with the intention to generate measurable social impact alongside a financial return.

Impact Investing Initiative

Since launching impact investing, YouthBridge has sought a financial return that provides traditional income on the capital invested along with a positive social outcome for the community.

Over the last three years, YouthBridge has increased local investments with the goal of helping improve the lives of children and families through the use of our capital including assets from Donor-Advised Funds.

We currently invest in the following organizations:


IFF provides loans, consulting, and development support to mission-driven nonprofits to help communities thrive. YouthBridge is providing a $300,000 loan.

Justine Petersen

Justine Petersen connects institutional resources with the needs of low-to moderate-income individuals and families, helping them to build assets and create enduring change. YouthBridge has combined loan investments of $550,000.

St. Louis Community Credit Union

For over 80 years the St. Louis Community Credit Union has existed to provide residents of the St. Louis region with safe, affordable, and accessible financial services and products through caring service and education. YouthBridge is an investor in the Credit Union’s Community Impact Deposit program, a special program designed to eliminate the racial wealth divide. YouthBridge’s investment totals $250,000.