Endowment Client Focusing on the Ties that Bind

Originally printed in our 2019 Annual Report.
“My experience working with endowment funds was zero when I first met with YouthBridge, but I was fairly certain they weren’t your typical advisor,” says Steve Awtrey, Executive Director of Christian Family Services (CFS). Awtrey, who oversees the nearly 50-year-old child placing and counseling agency, says he felt an immediate trust in YouthBridge.

“They’re a nonprofit like us – with a history of providing homes for children; it seemed a perfect fit. I also was encouraged by how they became immediate cheerleaders for us and were excited to spread awareness of CFS within the financial community,” he says, adding that he looks forward to building on the YouthBridge endowment fund to drive some important initiatives.

“In our early days, much of the emphasis of CFS was on adoption,” he says. “That has shifted to a focus on family reunification and strengthening the ties that bind us as a family unit; these are areas where we are looking to bring further support.”

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Pictured: Fornier Family. Children find temporary and forever homes through Christian Family Services.