Endowment Fees

Endowment Fund Administrative Fees

An annual administrative service fee applies to all funds at YouthBridge Community Foundation. All revenue earned is used to support the mission of YouthBridge and its work in the community as a nonprofit section 501(c)(3) organization.  This fee is assessed on the Fund’s market value as follows:

  • 0.50% on the first $2 million
  • 0.35% on the next $3 million
  • 0.25% on the next $5 million
  • 0.15% on the balance over $10 million

Administrative fees are pro-rated and charged monthly. The minimum annual administrative fee is $250.00.

Services Included: Fund accounting w/monthly reporting, online view-only access, standard gift processing, access to investment funds, monthly pooled fund performance summary, quarterly pooled fund portfolio report and annual relationship review.

Fees for Additional Services: YouthBridge shall be entitled to additional fees for extraordinary services and funds may be charged for direct expenses incurred on behalf of a specific fund, such as commissions for the sale of contributed stock or processing of complex gift transactions.

Investment Expenses:  When invested in pooled investment funds available through YouthBridge, each fund bears its proportionate share of any investment related expense charged to the pooled investment fund(s).  When Fund assets are invested through a designated third-party investment advisor, all investment expenses are charged directly to the Fund.

Additional Services:  Routine questions and support regarding your Fund included in our relationship.  Special projects, campaigns or complex service requests will be quoted upon request.

Charitable Gift Annuities Administrative Fees and Beneficiary Designation

Each gift annuity incurs expenses related to the investment or administration of the gift annuity contract and YouthBridge shall be entitled to collect such administrative fees in accordance with its fee schedule then in effect. Currently, YouthBridge administrative fees are a $250 start-up fee for each gift annuity and 1% annually of the market value of assets in the fund. Investment management expenses are passed through to the fund at cost. Extraordinary expenses incurred for handling special assets will be passed through at cost.

YouthBridge Community Foundation must be named as a beneficiary (20% minimum) in all gift annuity contracts. Other child or youth serving nonprofit organizations may also be named as beneficiaries by the donor.

For a complete description of terms and conditions of the charitable gift annuity program at YouthBridge, contact us.