Four New Capacity Building Grants Announced

YouthBridge Community Foundation supports St. Louis area nonprofit organizations not only with immediate assistance, but also with long-term planning and growth. In addition to education and training opportunities, YouthBridge also provides Capacity Building grants for the specific purpose of building, strengthening and sustaining nonprofit organizations.

Capacity Building grant recipients use the funds for proactive projects such as risk assessment, fund development, strategic planning, IT training, executive leadership training, or Diversity and Inclusion trainings.

YouthBridge is proud to support these organizations with Capacity Building grants:

East Side Aligned

Funds for East Side Aligned will be used in the development of a multi-year strategic plan that will guide their newly established and multi-faceted organization’s decision-making, scope of programs and services, resource allocation, staffing structure, fund development, and evaluation activities. $7,500

St. Louis Youth Jobs

Funds will assist St. Louis Youth Jobs to achieve their goal of revenue growth and fund diversification to create a path to sustainable growth.  To accomplish this, they have hired Let’s Build Hope, a fundraising consulting team that is focused on assisting them to create annual fund development strategies that include increasing individual, mid-level, major gifts and corporate support initiatives through cultivation, solicitation, an annual appeal and moves processes as well as board coaching on their fundraising contribution and involvement and the planning of donor stewardship events. $7,500

Vision for Children at Risk

Funds will support Vision for Children at Risks’ work with a Human Resource Firm. The Firm will support their leadership team and staff with ongoing training and coaching sessions, updated policies and procedures, and ensure compliance with federal guidelines. The Firm will also help enhance the onboarding process, and the ongoing training and professional development of all staff. $3,686

Wyman Center

Funds will support Wyman Center with the implementation of their new Youth Leadership Council. The Youth Leadership Council is a diverse collective of young people focused on sharing ideas, creating solutions, and putting those solutions into action with the support of Wyman. Youth Leadership council members will influence and advise Wyman’s direct advocacy actions, partnerships, and identified mission-aligned priority issue areas as part of Wyman’s Advocacy Framework. By creating a space for youth to authentically partner with Wyman’s staff and board of trustees, they will add to the organization’s capacity by being able to effectively include the voices, perspectives, ideas, and capacity of the youth leaders. Their work will help to expand and improve Wyman’s programmatic offerings and work overall. $7,500