Is a Foundation a Fit for You?

Do you love helping others? Do you want to be more forward-thinking and strategic in your giving?

For many families, a donor-advised fund is the best solution, but for others, a private or family foundation may be the right choice. If so, YouthBridge offers services to help you manage your foundation, so you can focus on the joy of giving.

While a donor-advised fund is a convenient way to centralize and coordinate charitable giving, you may find that a private foundation is the best fit for your goals. For the Kaufmann family, a foundation has helped strengthen family bonds and carry a tradition of giving into the next generation. We can meet with you and your advisors to determine the best course of action.

If you elect to form a private foundation, we can help with a customized blend of management services. We are experts in grant administration, due diligence, and foundation governance, and can serve as the central point of contact for your family, vendors, and the community. Our full list of services includes facilitating board discussions, developing grant guidelines, and handling all aspects of grant management including site visits.

If your family is ready to take philanthropy to the next level, please contact YouthBridge to map out a strategy that works for you.