Jumpstarting Revenue Growth for Artist Collective

Originally printed in our 2019 Annual Report.
“Four years ago, I really didn’t know where our next dime was coming from, so to speak,” says Susan Colangelo, President, CEO and founder of Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artist Collective. That changed with the introduction of an annual fundraising event in the summer. Now, a YouthBridge Jumpstart grant in 2019 is helping her think about new “Honestly, having a personal coach to walk me through organizing, reconnecting and leveraging the contacts we’ve made through the years has been the greatest asset.” Story Stitcher’s 2019 year-end appeal exceeded the targeted goal by 80%.

Building a nonprofit is a continuous learning experience, admits Colangelo, but says it’s worth the effort “when you’re working towards bringing hope to the community you love.”

Story Stitchers is a collective of local professional artists and urban youth, working together to collect local stories and then reframe and retell them through art, writing and performance. Their projects and performances create a platform for community engagement and addressing issues, like gun violence, head on with an artistic lens, says Colangelo, adding that their annual audience has reached close to 9,000.

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