Keeping our community strong: Your role is critical

COVID-19 has significantly impacted nonprofit operations across the country and hampered nonprofits’ ability to help their communities during a crisis in which millions of people are in need. The National Council of Nonprofits reports widespread damage to nonprofits’ programs, services, supplies, staffs, and budgets due to the pandemic and current economic challenges. This means nonprofits need philanthropic support now more than ever.

At the same time, some donor segments have been steadily losing confidence in the nonprofit sector, according to the Donor Trust Report 2020: Trust and Giving During the COVID-19 Outbreak. For example:

  1. Although 24.4% of study participants reported in late 2020 that they planned to give more to charities, that figure represents a drop of more than 6% since early 2020.
  2. Gen Zers are more likely than other generational cohorts to shift from giving money to charities to supporting local businesses instead. Specifically, 28.6% of Gen Zers report this preference, compared to 0% of Matures and just 1.9% of Boomers.
  3. Related, 26.3% of Gen Zers report that they are not satisfied with traditional charitable donations.

As a trusted advisor to your clients and their families across generations, your opportunity here is to offer information and resources to help your clients become more giving savvy–understanding the impact of nonprofits, how to measure the success of their charitable gifts, and how to select nonprofit organizations who are delivering the greatest return on investment to the people they serve. Our team of philanthropy advisors is deeply familiar both with the needs of the greater St. Louis area and the nonprofits who are fulfilling them. We hope you won’t hesitate to reach out for support as you help your clients navigate ways to address our community’s challenges.