Lift for Life Academy Foundation

Founded in 2000 under the sponsorship of Southeast Missouri State University, Lift For Life Academy (LFLA) is an independent, public charter school that serves 825 students in grades K-4 and 6-12 from the city of St. Louis and will be a complete Academy, K-12th grade, by August of 2022. With the opening of our elementary school in August 2019 and preschool in 2020, LFLA is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and academically challenging learning community for at risk youth.

The curriculum at LFLA is diverse and progressive, offering students an exposure to a broad gamut of career options. A sampling of courses includes engineering, science, music, woodworking, finance, fashion design and culinary arts.

Since our first graduating class in 2012, over 80% of graduates have pursued college, technical school or the military. Our high school offers up to 30 hours of advanced college credit through classes provided by Southeast Missouri State University and Saint Louis University, at no cost to the students, potentially saving students a significant amount in college tuition costs.

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