Private Foundations vs. Donor Advised Fund

Chart comparing DAFs and private foundations

Donor-Advised Fund Private Foundation
Start-up ease & costs Simple process with minimal or no cost Complex process with legal fees and IRS application expenses
Asset minimums None Usually $1,000,000+
Grant making Donor Advisor(s) recommends grants to YouthBridge Grant Committee. Foundation board exercises control over grants
Privacy Donors may remain anonymous Annual filing of IRS Form 990-PF is a public record of grants, assets, trustee names, compensation, etc.
Minimum annual distribution requirements None 5%
Annual IRS tax return None IRS Form 990-PF
Annual excise tax None Up to 2% on net income and net realized capital gain
Maximum Tax Benefits* Yes No
Cash gifts 60% of AGI 30% of AGI
Gifts of long-term capital assets Fair market value up to 30% of AGI or cost basis up to 50% of AGI Fair market value for publicly traded stock, cost basis for other capital assets; deductible up to 20% of AGI
Gifts of short-term capital assets Generally cost basis up to 50% of AGI Cost basis, up to 30% of AGI
Fund accounting, audit and Form 990 Included under YouthBridge corporate structure Foundation board performs, contracts or hires staff for these services
Grant administration Level I grant support included in administrative fee Foundation board performs, contracts or hires staff for these services
Ongoing expense Lower Higher
* Summary of tax benefits are for individual taxpayers, not corporations.
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