• A Bird’s Eye View of YouthBridge’s YEP STL! Program

    The YEP STL! (Youth Engaged in Philanthropy) program, developed by YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis, recently awarded grants for 2024. This program, begun in the fall of 2016, is led by high school students from across the region who apply for the opportunity … More →

  • Cover of 2023 Annual Report titled Connecting Today, Impacting Tomorrow

    Annual Report 2023

    CONNECT TODAY, IMPACT TOMORROW, our 2023 Annual Report, is now available to view online or download as a PDF.

  • Before and After photos of a rehab project in St. Louis

    Impact Investing – Tabernacle Community Development Corporation

    By seeking out investment opportunities that are aligned with our organizational goals and mission, we can celebrate generating financial returns as well as achieving positive social impact to improve our community.

  • Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital – Access to Extraordinary Care

    One of the fundholders at YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis delights in supporting organizations that provide health-related services to children. Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital, with its “Care Beyond the Bedside” model of care, has been a natural fit for partnership.

  • FOCUS Marines Foundation – Service Never Ceases

    The U.S. Marines website states that Marines share a belonging that is more than mere togetherness. This is quite evident at FOCUS Marines Foundation (FMF), a YouthBridge fundholder grant recipient. Founded in 2010 by Marines, the organization is led by volunteer veterans.

  • Rung for Women – Another Successful Connection

    When Barbara Carswell, YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis CEO, became aware of Rung for Women a few years ago, she was impressed with the group’s mission and successes. As she learned more, she automatically began pondering a possible match to a YouthBridge fundholder.

  • Pony Bird Uses Merger Grant Strategically

    Pony Bird has received several grants from a major YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis fundholder over the last eight years. Pony Bird’s mission of enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities is a perfect match for YouthBridge and for this fundholder.

  • The Noir Bookshop Fund: A Fiscal Sponsorship to Love

    Ymani received a grant award to place vending machines with free books in places where children congregate and to expand the community activities at the bookshop. After learning she had won the grant, however, she discovered that the money could only be received by a qualified nonprofit organization. Far from being disheartened, Ymani began the search for a fiscal sponsor, and soon realized that YouthBridge was the partner she was looking for.

  • Love Takes Many Forms

    February is sometimes called the month of love, and YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis is joining in the celebration. Rather than honor Cupid, we are focused on the love that comes from the Ancient Greek word philanthropia, the root word of philanthropy.

  • Progress 64 Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund Established with YouthBridge

    Sometimes the most obvious solutions are right under your nose. Progress 64 West has been awarding scholarships to young entrepreneurs for decades, but last year the Scholarship Committee began discussing ways to be more effective. The group needed help to expand its reach and deepen its impact through larger scholarships. Unbeknownst to the committee, the solution it was looking for all along existed within its own backyard at YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis.

  • Building on Successes of 2023 for More Meaningful Impact in 2024

    YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis has been busy! As the new year begins and we dive into goals and plans for 2024, we want to take a moment to celebrate the growth and successes of last year. More than simply celebrating, we want to examine those successes to determine not only how to recreate them, but how to build upon them.

  • Restore Orphan Fund Meets at YouthBridge Offices

    Only in the world of YouthBridge Community Foundation would it seem commonplace to host a board meeting for an organization whose members live across the country – and who have never met in person! Restore Orphan Fund (ROF) members recently took advantage of YouthBridge’s invitation to visit St. Louis to meet each other and meet the YouthBridge staff, while bringing a little joy to the lives of area children living in foster care.

  • The Scholarship Foundation Receives YouthBridge Heritage Grant

    Working with The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, a 2023 recipient of a Heritage Grant, is one example of YouthBridge’s commitment to older youth. According to The Scholarship Foundation Executive Director, Faith Sandler, the agency has benefited from donor-designated gifts from YouthBridge fundholders over the years. Now as a Heritage Grant recipient, The Scholarship Foundation is honored to be “selected based on what [they] do rather than who [they] know.”

  • CASA of St. Louis Receives YouthBridge Heritage Grant

    Heritage Grants awarded by YouthBridge Community Foundation of Greater St. Louis are inspired by fundholders with big hearts who care about the financial sustainability of the nonprofits they love. After careful research and much consideration, YouthBridge determined that CASA of St. Louis fit the Heritage Grant requirements perfectly this year.

  • Gateway Children’s Charity, a Successful YouthBridge Partnership

    Gateway Children Children’s Charity’s mission to raise “funds to make high-impact, tangible investments in early childhood programs that support children living in underserved St. Louis communities” aligns perfectly with the mission of YouthBridge Community Foundation. The two organizations understand that young people need access to resources and supportive environments to thrive – and their grant programs increase access to these critical supports.

  • Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois – Entrepreneurs of the Future

    The Girl Scout mission to “build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place” is a tall order. It requires passion, dedication, a fierce belief in girls’ abilities, and of course, financial resources to support programming that nurtures these traits.

  • Generate Health – Uplifting Thriving Black Families

    What do Black families in St. Louis need to thrive before, during, and beyond pregnancy? Generate Health explored this question after recognizing that years of racially inequitable policies and practices had created a cycle of distrust and unfavorable maternal care outcomes among many Black St. … More →

  • IFM Overcomes Healthcare Barriers

    The first 15 years of Dr. David Campbell’s career were dedicated to medical education, teaching young physicians. Even then, he recounts working to incorporate ‘outreach to the community’ into the curriculum for these young physicians. When Dr. Campbell decided to step away from medical education it was to start a not-for-profit to further this ‘outreach to the community’. In 2000, he formed the Institute for Family Medicine (now named IFM Community Medicine) to advance the goal of providing quality healthcare services to disadvantaged children and families.

  • St. Louis Community Credit Union Emphasizes “Community”

    A Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution that accepts deposits, makes loans, and provides a wide array of other financial services and products. This definition only begins to describe St. Louis Community Credit Union (SLCCU). For over 80 years SLCCU has existed to provide residents of the St. Louis region with safe, affordable and accessible financial services and products through caring service and education.

  • Heritage

    To honor our mission of partnering with donors around sustainability of nonprofits, YouthBridge provides grants to child or youth serving organizations that are regularly supported by our fundholders.