The Gift of Giving

Every November, it’s the same question for Jerry Mayo. “What can I give my clients and vendors for the holidays that will be meaningful?” Nearly 25 years in the mortgage business struggling with the same decision without a satisfying answer…until now, he says.

“Jeff Moenkhaus, YouthBridge Board President, turned me on to the idea of YouthBridge giving cards,” says Mayo, Senior Broker for USA Mortgage, “and I am so grateful he did.”

Mayo says the cards were branded with his image, contact and company information, similar to a business card, and each loaded with a dollar amount (a completely painless process, he says). On the back was a QR code that recipients could scan through an app on their phone and designate a gift to a charity of their choosing, in their name.

“I rarely hear back from customers about a gift – because, let’s be honest, who really needs another travel mug – but the amount of positive feedback I received this year was incredible,” says Mayo, who sent out about 200 cards. “I am so happy they found real meaning in this year’s gift, and my hope is that for those that are not particularly philanthropic minded, it may move them in that direction.” The YouthBridge Giving Cards will be the giving program in “Jerry’s world” moving forward, he says, and not just for the holidays, but mortgage closings and other special occasions.

“Getting to the heart of one’s client can build a deeper relationship,” says Cindy Blake, YouthBridge Business Development Officer. “That’s the concept behind the giving cards. Plus, YouthBridge doesn’t gain financially from this program. We administer it as a community service because it’s meant to benefit the nonprofit world, where good things are happening daily.”

It’s always the right time for the gift of giving. Call us at (314) 985-6778 to learn more about Giving Cards for any occasion.