Wayne C. Kaufmann Charitable Foundation

The Wayne C. Kaufmann Charitable Foundation seeks to improve the care and welfare of people in the community so that human beings can live up to their God-given potential.


The Foundation supports organizations that provide educational or health related services, or that assist lower income and disadvantaged adults and children with healthcare or improving their economic position.

Within these guidelines, the Foundation focuses its grantmaking in the following areas:

  • Infants and Maternity. Organizations providing programs for babies born to opioid addicted mothers are encouraged to apply.
  • K-12 STEM Education
  • Mental Health Services for Veterans
  • People, in particular children, with Down Syndrome
  • Physical and Sexual Violence against Women and Children

The Foundation gives first consideration to organizations that are either directly controlled Lutheran organizations or are affiliated with the Lutheran Church including organizations that provide a Lutheran primary, secondary or advanced education.

While the Foundation supports all types of organizational expenses, its directors prefer to grant support for projects or programs.