YEP STL! Grant Awards 2020 – via Zoom!

YEP STL! shows we can still work together (but separately!) to serve our community. The student-led philanthropy organization conducted its recent meeting April 5 via Zoom to determine the 2020 YEP STL! grant allocations.

On April 5th, YEP STL! presented their 2020 grant awards, totaling $10,000, to the following seven organizations:

Asthma and Allergy Foundation
BREATH, a free, comprehensive asthma management program that provides education, healthy home assessments and personalized support to eligible uninsured or under-insured children. YEP STL! Grant: $2,000

Center for Hearing & Speech
To provide important hearing and vision screenings in the St. Louis Public Schools for children living in low-income families. YEP STL! Grant: $1,000

Duo Dogs
Crisis Dog Program to respond to bullying and violence in schools by letting trained dogs do the important work of comforting and providing unconditional love to those students affected by trauma. YEP STL! Grant: $200

Faith Walk
Empower youth to grow into & develop their God-given purpose through the use of their mind, body & spirit. YEP STL! Grant: $2,000

Room at the Inn
The purchase of school and tutoring supplies for children of clients to overcome the barriers to educational success imposed by homelessness. YEP STL! Grant: $1,750

Operation Food Search
Operation Back Pack to provide nutritionally balanced meals to elementary-age children from low-income communities when school meals are not available. YEP STL! Grant: $1,250

United Services for Children
The purchase of new safety mats to protect children with developmental disabilities who receive therapy in motor skills development. YEP STL! Grant: $1,800

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First Bank is the presenting sponsor for the YEP STL program and provides the funding.