YouthBridge Appoints New Board Members

YouthBridge is excited to announce the appointment of financial advisors Jennifer Belmont Jennings and Byron Caskey to our Board of Directors.

Jennifer Jennings, a wealth advisor for Hightower Wealth Advisors, says she was first drawn to YouthBridge’s goal to help numerous nonprofits in the community by highlighting the creative (and tax-efficient) ways of giving back. “Making a difference is not only important to our team at Hightower, but also to our clients,” she says. “The YouthBridge vision and mission align closely with my own, which I’m able to share both in my personal and professional life, and I look forward to making a difference as a board member of this wonderful organization.”

Jennings holds a law degree from Washington University in St. Louis and has served as a financial advisor for eight years, joining Hightower in 2018. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Fathers and Family Support Center.

Byron Caskey graduated from Webster University with a degree in broadcast journalism, but chose a career in financial services after the “Great Recession” affected his family, he says. He has served as a financial advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors for the past eight years and has partnered with YouthBridge on advising his clients in philanthropic planning.

“There are many people that want to be charitable, but simply do not know how,” he says. “YouthBridge has a wealth of knowledge about charitable organizations in the community and on how to organize their giving. I am excited to help bring greater awareness of YouthBridge to the St. Louis community.”

Byron has served on numerous boards and currently participates in the City Academy Friends Committee.