YouthBridge Community Foundation Establishes Recovery Fund in Response to COVID-19

Commits $100,000 to Recovery and Long-Term Sustainability of Local Nonprofits

An advocate, counselor, cheerleader, partner. YouthBridge Community Foundation has stood beside, behind and out in front of nonprofits for 15 years to “protect these vital community assets,” says Michael Howard, YouthBridge CEO. “No one can predict with any amount of certainty the full fallout of COVID-19 on the St. Louis community, but there is no doubt that we will need our nonprofits to help pick up the pieces,” he says.

In a statement on Mar. 26, YouthBridge announced the creation of the Nonprofit Recovery and Resilience Fund to provide recovery assistance and support the operational and capacity needs of St. Louis nonprofits, particularly those serving children and families. “While other similar funds have been established to help address their immediate needs, we are focused on the long-lasting effects that social distancing, program disruption, canceled fundraisers, donor hardships and other issues will have on their sustainability,” says Howard. The Fund also will help develop ongoing risk assessment and disaster preparedness training, drawing on the hard lessons many nonprofits are learning today.

“To say this is an unprecedented, uncertain time would be an understatement,” he says. “This is a worst case scenario for many of our nonprofits, with ever-changing dynamics. Tomorrow’s landscape looks different than today’s and the next few months are a complete mystery. We are designing a nimble fund that will evolve – and we hope, grow – along with the needs of nonprofits.”

Nonprofit Recovery and Resiliency Fund