• Summer topics worth watching

    Proposed legislation known as the Charitable Act appears to be gaining momentum. The bill calls for making available a “below the line” deduction to taxpayers who do not itemize on their tax return.

  • Bridging the gaps in multi-generational family philanthropy

    Differing views within families is nothing new; differing views about nearly anything and everything is centuries old. For generations and generations, common topics of disagreement have included popular culture, politics, religion and parenting, just to name a few. Frequently outranking all is money—how it’s made, spent or saved—or not. 

  • Gifts of cash or stock: Is it a toss up?

    As your philanthropic clients can likely attest, the going has been rough for many of the nonprofit organizations they support. Turbulent economic conditions, concerns about inflation, and challenges in the banking sector are just a few of the factors that are causing donors to be more financially conservative and perhaps begin to evaluate whether to keep their charitable giving at the levels of years past.

  • May 2023

    Endowment Fundholders Christian Family Services • YEP STL! Grantee Special Education Foundation • YouthBridge Annual Report 2022 • 2023 YEP STL! Grants Awarded • Estate Planning Council Annual Golf Outing and Dinner • Retirement plans to charity: Understanding the “trifecta” of tax benefits • Should clients worry about … More →

  • Endowment Partner: Christian Family Services

    CFS has found strength in its endowment fund and relationship with YouthBridge, says Mitchell. Established in 2019, the fund is helping to drive some important initiatives and “we see it as an opportunity for our services to continue on for another 50 years,” she says.

  • Here’s what we’re reading

    As you talk with your clients about charitable giving, are you leading with tax benefits? Deferring philanthropy topics until November and December? Not looking at the big picture?

  • Tax scrutiny: Should clients worry about the IRS’s bigger budget?

    A major portion of the $80 billion scheduled to be invested in Internal Revenue Service upgrades is earmarked to “increase tax compliance among wealthy taxpayers and businesses,” according to the IRS’s plan.

  • Retirement plans to charity: Understanding the “trifecta” of tax benefits

    Over the last few months, many advisors have noticed an uptick in client inquiries about leaving their IRAs and other retirement plans to charity. If you’re wondering why, it likely has a lot to do with the buzz about Qualified Charitable Distributions…

  • April 2023

    earthday365 • STL Youth Jobs Bridging the Workforce Divide • Capacity Building  • Investing for Impact • Beyond the standard deduction • Tax tips to keep you on your toes • Turmoil in banking and technology

  • Tax tips to keep you on your toes

    Charitable deductions and the vehicles that generate them continue to land on the IRS’s radar.

  • Beyond the standard deduction

    Tax deductibility of donations has changed with the times, and another piece of in-process legislation, if passed, would again reward charitable-minded tax filers who do not itemize, at least for tax years 2023 and 2024.

  • Turmoil in banking and technology: Optimism for charitable giving?

    Your philanthropic clients may seek your advice on how the recent events in the banking world could impact their approach this year to charitable giving. We’re sharing three factors to keep in mind as you counsel charitable individuals and families.

  • STL Youth Jobs Bridging the Workforce Divide

    There’s a gulf between youth ready to work and employers ready to hire skilled workers, but it’s getting smaller thanks to STL Youth Jobs. Last year, the organization engaged about 1,000 youth in job coaching, meaningful, paid work-based experience and other training to help prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

  • Spotlight on Endowment Fundholders: earthday365

    When Jessica Watson became the new Executive Director of earthday365 in March 2020, she had no idea that she would be the first forced to cancel the 30-year-old St. Louis Earth Day Festival. “I was there maybe three or four weeks when we received word that our permit had been revoked due to COVID,” she says. “It was a huge blow, but we didn’t stay down long.”

  • March 2023

    Jefferson County CASA • Students Soar into STEM and the Aviation Field • Family Business Speaker Series • Business & Personal Gifts Made Easy • Disaster giving: Perspectives for your clients • Hidden no more: Designated funds and field-of-interest funds • Giving a business to … More →

  • Students Soar into STEM and the Aviation Field

    “When a student steps off the plane on their last day of the course, you’ve never seen a smile so big,” says Amy Buehler, Interim President of Wings of Hope. The course she’s speaking of is a four-week training program of Wings of Hope, called SOAR into STEM, which introduces area high school students to flight and aviation career paths.

  • Spotlight on Endowment Fundholders, Jefferson County CASA

    Sister Marita Anne Marrah was lovingly referred to as “the little nun who could.” Even in her eighties, there was nothing she could or would not do as a Board member for Jefferson County CASA to ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive in a safe, loving home. And, so, when another Board member provided the start for an endowment fund in 2021, it was only fitting to her that it would be named in honor of Sister Marita, who passed away that same year.

  • Giving a business to charity: Stack the odds in your client’s favor 

    Despite recent reports of a 55% decline in charitable giving by the top 50 U.S. donors in 2022, high profile giving by donors associated with well-known businesses has maintained its place in the limelight, even amid recent market volatility and tenacious concerns about inflation and … More →

  • Hidden no more: Designated funds and field-of-interest funds

    Most attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors are well-aware of donor-advised funds and the reasons behind their popularity. Especially when a donor-advised fund is established at YouthBridge Community Foundation, this vehicle is an excellent way for your clients to organize their charitable giving and get even more connected to the causes they care about. 

  • Disaster giving: Perspectives for your clients

    Both the recent one-year anniversary of the start of the Ukraine conflict and the earthquake that has devastated Turkey and Syria are causing more and more people to explore ways they can help. In an era of abundant giving methods and (sadly) potential fraud, YouthBridge Community Foundation is a source of reliability and expediency to help your clients act on their charitable instincts.