Charitable Gift Cards: One Way for Companies to “Do Well by Doing Good”

In the business world, the concept of “doing well by doing good” is finding its way into more board rooms and strategic plans.

An effective strategy can help a company’s local community, while also benefiting its employees, customers and even its bottom line. But how can business leaders allocate their limited budgets for maximum corporate and social impact? One simple, low-cost idea comes in the form of Charitable Gift Cards.

An increasingly popular option, Charitable Gift Cards work much like retail gift cards. They are purchased and given as gifts, with the recipient enjoying the gift of deciding which 501(c)(3) public charity — whether a school, church or synagogue  — receives the proceeds of the gift card.

As with other charitable contributions, Charitable Gift Cards are tax-deductible to the purchasing entity. They are also flexible, with different face values available. Another benefit is the ability to private label Charitable Gift Card, which can help to build a company’s brand by prominently featuring the company’s logo on the cards.

YouthBridge Community Foundation strives to make giving easy and rewarding. You can purchase Charitable Gift Cards through YouthBridge by credit card, check, money order or through your charitable fund held at YouthBridge.