Corporate Donor-Advised Fund

Support multiple charities with one fund

With a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF), your business can conveniently support multiple charities through one fund. Your business receives immediate tax advantages with the flexibility to give over time. Donor-Advised Funds are often used to replace or enhance private foundations as a more flexible, efficient and less expensive way of giving.

How to create and use your Corporate DAF:

Step 1: Establish your Corporate Donor-Advised Fund

Create your fund by completing the Corporate Donor-Advised Fund Agreement Form. Choose a name for your fund and name your Gift Advisor. Review information on our DAF Guidelines.

Step 2: Choose how to Invest your Corporate Donor Advised Fund to grow your charitable dollars

YouthBridge offers the flexibility to customize your fund’s investments to meet your charitable goals. When working with YouthBridge you can choose to work with your trusted Financial Advisor or use YouthBridge Community Foundation’s investment pools.

Step 3: Contribute to your Corporate Donor Advised Fund

YouthBridge Community Foundation offers several easy contribution options. In addition to common gifts such as credit card, checks or publicly traded securities, we accept complex assets including real estate, closely held securities or personal property.

Step 4: Support your company’s favorite charities

Give to your company’s preferred charities by making a recommendation to YouthBridge to grant from the company’s Donor-Advised Fund.