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  • Spotlight on Grant Recipient East Side Aligned

    Evan Krauss wants people to know about the incredible potential of East Saint Louis, IL. “While economically and systemically disadvantaged, there is so much talent here and so many committed people working day in and day out to create a community where our children and youth can thrive,” he says.

  • Pet Clinic Envisions ‘No Needless Kill Community’

    Wendy Heckman has a chart she shares during February’s National Spay and Neuter Month. It’s a “reproductive pyramid,” depicting the population explosion that can occur when a dog or cat is allowed to reproduce unchecked, and shows that within six years, an unspayed female cat can yield more than 11 million descendants!

  • Client conversations: Why your 2023 agenda must include charitable giving

    No doubt, your news feed includes far more articles about philanthropy as a planning tool for your clients than it did just a few years ago. Charitable giving has always been an important subject of client discussions for attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors. What’s changed is that widespread coverage of both major charitable gifts and the ease of making online donations has prompted more of your clients to pay attention to philanthropy.

  • It’s not too early for spring cleaning: Make this the year to help clients get organized

    If you’re already dreading asking your clients to pull together their receipts and other documents for 2022 tax filings, this may be a good time to take proactive steps to avoid being in this same spot next year.

  • In case you missed it: Three tax tips worth smiling about

    Nonprofits and other exempt entities are often left out of discussions when new tax incentives are proposed in Congress, primarily (and logically) because these organizations don’t pay tax. Fortunately, nonprofits are not left out of a recently enhanced tax provision known as the 179D deduction, which is intended to encourage incorporating energy efficiency measures into new or renovated buildings.

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