• Donor-Advised Funds

    A Donor-Advised Fund is a convenient way to support multiple charities with one fund.

  • Designated Funds

    Designated funds are invested and grants are made to specific charities of your choice.

  • Field of Interest Funds

    A Field of Interest Fund allows you to focus your gifts in an area of need that is important to you, such as children, animal welfare, or the environment.

  • Private & Family Foundations

    A private or family foundation may help you be more forward-thinking and strategic in your giving.

  • Estate Plan Organizer

    The Estate Plan Organizer helps you keep track of important documents, financial accounts, contacts and other information that your lawyer, executor or family will need as part of your estate administration.

  • Investment Performance

    Monthly Performance, April 2024 Quarterly Performance, Q1

  • Donor-Advised Fund Guidelines & Forms

    Donor-Advised Fund Guidelines DAF Agreement, Corporate DAF Agreement, Individual Investment Recommendation Form About Donor-Advised Funds  

  • Investment Recommendation Form

    The Community Foundation’s investment program offers the flexibility to customize your Fund’s investments to meet your charitable goals, whether they are immediate or long term.

  • Private Foundations vs. Donor Advised Fund

    Chart to compare DAFs and private foundations