• Field of Interest Funds

    A Field of Interest Fund allows you to focus your gifts in an area of need that is important to you, such as children, animal welfare, or the environment.

  • Private & Family Foundations

    A private or family foundation may help you be more forward-thinking and strategic in your giving.

  • Investment Performance

    Monthly Performance, June 2024 Quarterly Performance, Q2

  • Donor-Advised Fund Guidelines & Forms

    Donor-Advised Fund Guidelines DAF Agreement, Corporate DAF Agreement, Individual Investment Recommendation Form About Donor-Advised Funds  

  • Corporate Donor-Advised Fund

    With a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), your business can conveniently support multiple charities through one fund.

  • Investment Recommendation Form

    The Community Foundation’s investment program offers the flexibility to customize your Fund’s investments to meet your charitable goals, whether they are immediate or long term.

  • Private Foundations vs. Donor Advised Fund

    Chart to compare DAFs and private foundations

  • Corporate Giving Circles

    Giving circles bring like-minded people together, pooling their donations to make a collective impact, sharing their ideas and then deciding together what nonprofits in their community need help the most. Bring your team together to make a significant impact.