Endowment Building

An endowment fund allows you to generate  income for operations, programs, unexpected expenses and  longer-term initiatives. An endowment builds stability, and may  help reduce your reliance on annual fundraising.

Our YouthBridge philanthropy advisors can work with you to:

  • Establish an endowment fund and create a spending policy
  • Access low cost, institutional quality investment solutions
  • Oversee the administration of endowed and charitable assets
  • Provide financial, stewardship and tax reporting
  • Support your efforts in promoting your endowment

YouthBridge Matching Endowment Fund Program

To encourage nonprofit organizations to establish and build endowment funds that support their long-term sustainability, YouthBridge Community Foundation created the Endowment Building Matching Funds Program. Organizations that open an endowment fund at YouthBridge may qualify for matching funds based on their deposits into their fund. This program is intended to benefit organizations primarily serving children & youth; however, from time to time, matching funds may be available for other nonprofit organizations. Ask us about our matching funds program to see if your nonprofit may qualify this year.

Investment Solutions for Endowments

YouthBridge uses a nonprofit organization called Greater Horizons for back office administration and access to institutional quality, low cost pooled investment funds (and we pass those savings on to you!). Greater Horizons provides administrative services on more than two billion dollars in charitable assets for endowments and foundations across the United States.

The operating structure of these pooled funds is similar to common trust funds.  Normally, agency endowment assets are invested in one or more of these pooled investment funds.  The pooled funds are organized according to asset class and include Money Market, Short-Term Fixed Income, Intermediate-Term Fixed Income and Equity. You may create your own custom asset allocation strategy or select one of the pre-set asset allocation options.

The custodian for the pooled investment funds is National Financial Services, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments.
YouthBridge Community Foundation is not a Registered Investment Advisor, does not provide investment advice and does not receive any compensation related to the investment of agency endowment assets.

Representative Client List:

  • Annie’s Hope
  • Caritas Family Solutions
  • Friends of Crossroads College Preparatory School
  • Green Building Council
  • Guardian Angel Settlement Association
  • Living Well Foundation
  • Lutheran Elementary School Association
  • Next Step for Life
  • Pony Bird
  • Sherwood Forest
  • St. Louis Earth Day
  • St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness