Endowment Building

An endowment fund allows your organization to generate income for operations, programs, unexpected expenses or longer-term initiatives. Through technical assistance YouthBridge helps you maximize  your endowment.

YouthBridge can work with you to:

  • Establish an endowment fund and create a spending policy
  • Access to low cost, high quality investment solutions
  • Provide financial and tax reporting
  • Support your efforts in promoting your endowment
  • Increase your understanding of endowments
  • Create the greatest financial impact from your endowment

YouthBridge Matching Endowment Fund Program

To encourage nonprofit organizations to build endowment funds, YouthBridge created the Endowment Building Matching Funds Program. Organizations that open an endowment fund at YouthBridge may qualify for matching funds. This program is intended to benefit organizations primarily serving children & youth; however, from time to time, matching funds may be available for other nonprofit organizations.

YouthBridge Endowment Program Technical Assistance

YouthBridge offers a variety of trainings throughout the year for nonprofit organizations that open an endowment.  Training topics vary from learning the basics of endowments to how to set up policies and procedures around endowments. The primary goal is to assist nonprofits with maximizing the benefits of their endowment.