Grant Programs

  • Heritage

    To honor our mission of partnering with donors around sustainability of nonprofits, YouthBridge provides grants to child or youth serving organizations that are regularly supported by our clients.

  • Think Big for Kids

    The Think Big for Kids Fund provides grants designed to stimulate innovative thinking and fund big ideas from nonprofits that serve children and youth in our community.

  • Partnership or Merger Grant

    YouthBridge Community Foundation has developed this grant program to assist nonprofits who are looking to, or have already found, ways to partner or merge with other nonprofits.

  • Organizational Capacity Building Grant

    YouthBridge has developed this grant program to assist nonprofits in building, strengthening and sustaining their organizations.

  • Wayne C. Kaufmann Charitable Foundation

    The Wayne C. Kaufmann Charitable Foundation seeks to improve the care and welfare of people in the community so that human beings can live up to their God-given potential.

  • William S. Anheuser Charitable Fund

    The William S. Anheuser Charitable Fund, a Donor-Advised Fund of YouthBridge Community Foundation, follows the guiding principle to Enrich, Enlighten, Encourage and Educate a few to Enable them to Pay It Forward.

  • YEP STL!

    YEP STL! is a group of teenagers in the St. Louis area, with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are passionate about helping St. Louis children and youth. We do this by reviewing applications for grant money and evaluating where we think the money will be best spent.